Saturday, 28 April 2012

Upgraded Version V1.2.0

Thanks for the feedback from the users.  These are the new features for Version 1.2.0.  Released on 28-Apr-2012.

  1. In the Kopi Order page, display the quantity ordered on top of the coffee
    image. The quantity was displayed as 2x Kopi, 3x Teh C in version 1.1.0

  2. Allow user to add custom drink and description by clicking on the + sign on the top right.

  3. Enable persistent storage so that the order will be saved
    permanently.  This will ensure that order will still exist even after
    the app is "killed".

    Please continue to support this App by sending feedback and feature request to

    Saturday, 14 April 2012

    Upgraded Version 1.1.0

    The upgraded version 1.1.0 is published on 14-Apr-2012, with the following features.

    1. Added remark field
    2. Added checklist feature by responding to "swipe" gesture
    3. Auto-scroll to top after returning from order detail

    These are the screen shots.

    Order Summary - notice that Remark is displayed
    instead of description for the second order.

    This version allow you to enter remark

    Do a swipe to "mark" the order item

    Friday, 6 April 2012

    Kopi C App

    This app will help you with the Singapore/Malaysia local coffee lingo when you are placing local orders. For instance,
    1. Kopi C means coffee with sugar and Carnation milk.
    2. Kopi O means coffee with sugar.
    Refer to this article "Coffee or Kopi".
    Please get this app from Apple AppStore and try it out.

    I hope you will like this and please send your feature request, suggestion and feedback to