Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Pebble Watchface - Chinese Calligraphy Clock

I got my Pebble Smart Watch on Sunday. I really like it since I can read SMS and see incoming calls from the watch. On Monday, I moved on to play with the sample code for 2 days. On Wednesday, I published a Chinese calligraphy watch face on Pebble Store. The Pebble development environment is well designed. It is quite easy to pick up if you have C language background. Next, I will try to create educational game. Drop me a note if you have some ideas :-)

This is the designed Pebble Watchface in 168 x 144 pixels.

You can download this Watchface (Chinese Clock) into your Pebble watch using iPhone or Android.  I like the watch and the programming environment.  Now, I am looking for ideas to create educational games :-)

This is my Chinese Clock Watchface on Pebble Appstore