Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New Features in HappyPacker Version 1.1.0

What is HappyPacker?

Do you have craving over food at remote locations? Be a HappyEater and let HappyPackers deliver your favourite food to your doorstep at a small token sum.

Do you find that bus fare, taxi fare and petrol cost are too expensive? Be a HappyPacker and you can offset part of your transportation cost by packing food for your neighbours.

HappyPacker App is specially design as a platform to bring the HappyPackers and HappyEaters together.

New Features in Version 1.1.0

Now, you can post a following on your favourite food to indicate that you wish someone else to pack for you. The following can be valid up to the next 30 days.

When you have craving for food, you can view packing offers that deliver food to your location. If you cannot find any nice offer, you can follow your favourite food. The HappyPackers can then contact you and pack your favourite food for you.

You can also search followings and packing offers by delivery destination, radius in kilometres and expiry.

View nearby packing offers and followings.

Contact by SMS or iMessage
to arrange for food packing.

View nearby items and
post followings packing offers on them.

You can post a following or packing offer.

HappyPackers can check in on food item
and specify the offer expiry and delivery fee.