Wednesday, 24 October 2012

New Features in iLoveSpelling Version 1.2.0

These are the new features in iLoveSpelling version 1.2.0.
  1. Allow users to create a spelling list by taking a photo of the actual school spelling list.  The words in the photo will be typed in manually by volunteers.  The users can however still enter the spelling list on their own.
  2. Allow volunteers to enter the words in spelling list.
  3. Make this app work with minimal OS version of iOS 5.0 instead of 5.1

Tap to add spelling list photo

Volunteers to help enter the words in spelling list

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Jon's Improvement in Spelling Result

I am happy to see the improvement in spelling test result for Jonathan.  He had problem in his primary one Chinese Spelling.  The worse score was only one correct spelling out of 6 words in the middle of August.  With the help of iLoveSpelling app, he managed to progressively improve the score from 1 to 4, to 5 and finally full mark.  I am so proud of his result now.  It is a journey from「要努力」(work harder) to「非常好」(excellent).

The app makes learning spelling easy.  It is so handy to practise since the list is always in the parents' iPhone.  With this app, you can practise anytime, anywhere.