Saturday, 22 September 2012

New Features in iLoveSpelling Version 1.1.1

These are the features for the release.
  1. Display the words in the order of data entry, replacing the alphabetical ordering.
  2. Show progress indicator in all screens
  3. Improved speech playback, no more overlapping speech
  4. Spelling List owner can delete wrongly added words
Progress Indicator

Swipe to delete a word

Saturday, 15 September 2012

iLoveSpelling Upgraded Version 1.1.0

iLoveSpelling is upgraded with new features:
  1. Big font for revision

  2. Children can do self test on paper

Download it from here

Friday, 7 September 2012

iLoveSpelling iPhone App Launched on Teachers' Day

iLoveSpelling iPhone App launched on Apple App Store.  It is a nice coincidence since I cannot predict the duration of Apple app review process.

iLoveSpelling is specially designed for loving parents and teachers to help the kids in learning spelling. It aims to Improve your kids' spelling test result by allowing them to revise and practice independently on the actual school spelling list. It supports English, Chinese and Malay languages.

The spelling lists are contributed by all users. You will own the list created by you and the list will be shared to all users of the apps.  Please help to spread the news to your friends, colleagues who have young schooling children.

Could you help me by sending your primary or kindergarten children's spelling list for the next 2 months? I welcome English, Chinese and other languages spelling list. Please send them by email to and state the country, school, class and date of spelling test.

For example, this is a spelling list for Woodgrove Primary 1, 2012 Term 3, Week 9.

Many thanks,
Nebi Trams