Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Release V2.1.0 Features

1. Changed the icon to KopiCLoveHandle.
2. Added a button in order screen to clear all items ordered.
3. Added a plus sign at the image top right corner to show that you can touch it to place order.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Pondering Over Kopi C Icon

I have spend the weekend searching and thinking of the best icon for the Kopi C App. A cup of coffee is much more than a fragrant drink that perks up your day.  It is a bridge that connects people.  In particular, I came across this touching story written in Bahasa Indonesia, Kopi Air Asin (Saltwater Coffee).  I may try to translate it to English and Chinese, but I am afraid that I may lose it's original delicate touch written in Bahasa Indonesia.

For my version 2.1.0 release, I will change the Kopi C icon to the this one.  It is for the love of coffee and it's gift that brings people together.

A coffee cup with the handle and it's shadow forming a love. 

This is how it looks in the App

Among the icons that I have tried to made...
 A photo of traditional coffee cup

A graphics of coffee cup served by a lady's hand, taken from

A simple graphics icon taken from

Release V2.0.0 Features

In the Version 2.0.0, I will add the following features:

1. Added shop with drinks and price.
2. Show the ordered drinks and drink menu in the separate screens.  Previously is was more confusing since both ordered drink and drink menu are shown on the same screen.
3. Show the order summary with total quantity and total price.
4. User can tap on drink image to place order and increment order quantity.  The screen shows the updated quantity and price with animation.