Saturday, 8 February 2014

Spelling 1942 - a fun way to learn spelling

Spelling 1942, provides a fun way to learn spelling.  Every school gives out spelling list.  Your children can learn the school spelling list in this app and reinforce the learning by playing game this simple game.

So far it supports English, Chinese and Malay language.  It should be able to support any language in iPhone Siri.  Feel free to drop me a request on a new language if you are not sure.

Listen to pronunciation and shoot the word
During the game play, the children will listen to the pronunciation and shoot the correct word.  The children will gain and lose points depending on whether he shoots the right words.

Spelling List Picker
The spelling list is organised into Country, School, Level hierarchy.  First you will choose a country, followed by a school and a level.  You can then choose the spelling list available.

Words in a spelling list
In this screen, you can do revision on the words in the spelling list.

If you cannot find your children school's spelling list, you may download iLoveSpelling and start creating spelling list for your own children.
Download iLoveSpelling
Link to iLoveSpelling in Settings
The spelling list that you created will also benefits the other children since it will be shared to all.  iLoveSpelling App was launched in 2012 and it benefits my sons and other children.  It provides an easy channel to share spelling list among parents and students.  One of my neighbour loves it since the mother doesn't read Chinese and the father who know Chinese language always help to enter the Chinese spelling list in iLoveSpelling App.  This way, the mother can still provide the coaching for her son.