Thursday, 8 May 2014

Spelling 1942 Version 1.5.0 - a fun way to learn spelling

Spelling 1942, provides a fun way to learn spelling.  Every school gives out spelling list.  Your children can learn the school spelling list in this app and reinforce the learning by playing game this simple game.

The spelling lists are contributed by parents and teachers.  It is organised into Country, School, Level hierarchy.  School teachers are encouraged to submit their spelling list in MS Word file by email and I will make it available in this game.

A player can play the game in practise and challenge mode.  The practise mode is useful for the learning the words.  The challenge mode is designed to encourage children to aim for higher score and avoid making mistake.

In level 1 game play, player listen to pronunciation and shot the aeroplane which carry the pronounced word.  If the player is confident enough, he/she can shoot a helicopter and spell the pronounced word to get 10x the score.
Shoot helicopter and spell the word
to get 10x score

In level 2 game play, the game is more difficult because some "mutated" words will be appear as distractions.  For example, a word "spad" will appear instead of "sped" to test whether the player can pick up the right word.  If the player shoot the wrong word, he/she will get a penalty score.
Level 2 game play with "mutated" words

The game supports English, Chinese and Malay language.  It should be able to support any language in iPhone Siri.  Feel free to drop me a request on a new language if you are interested in.