Wednesday, 15 August 2012

An Innovative Way to Learn Spelling

I have two young schooling children, Ben in Primary 3 and Jon in Primary 1.  Ben loves to type in his spelling list into my iPhone Notes.  He will then try to memorise them by reading from the list again and again.  Occasionally, he will also ask us on the pronunciation.  Jon, the younger one prefer memorising the spelling list from the school paper handout.  

My wife usually take photo of the actual spelling list using her iPhone so that she can test the kids anytime, anywhere.  

Usually on the day before the weekly spelling test, my wife will call home and test them on the spelling.  I thought it will be nice to build an iPhone App for this.  I aim to make learning spelling easier and more fun for the children.  With this intention, I started creating the iLoveSpelling App.

After a few weeks of burning mid-night oil, I finally created a first cut of iLoveSpelling iPhone App that look like this.  If you love this idea, please help to inform your friends about this app and feel free to contact me for feedback and suggestions.

Lastly, I like to share this article, planting thought seeds for a better life